Trump Supportors Unmoved by His Lies About Stormy Daniels, Poll Reveals

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Yes, they think President Trump’s lying about Stormy Daniels. And no, they really do not care.

Americans who voted for the president say they don’t believe his denial of the adult film star’s claim that she had a 2006 affair with Trump, the same year that Melania Trump gave birth to their son Barron. But that hasn’t tempered their sky-high support for the president. Neither has the Russia investigation into possible collusion tied to Trump, which they see as an increasingly transparent charade that’s wasting tax dollars and distracting from his agenda.

That’s according to the USA TODAY Trump Voter Panel, a free-floating focus group of 25 people nationwide who cast ballots for the president and now weigh in on the his performance every few months.

At 16 months into his presidency, many call December’s sweeping tax overhaul his biggest achievement. About as many peg the GOP’s failure to repeal the Affordable Care Act as Trump’s biggest defeat, a prime example of the bipartisan opposition they believe has so far hamstrung his presidency.

The legal maelstroms tied to Russia and the alleged affair don’t help, they say.



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