Oh the Joy of Prosecuting Black Kids-Prosecutors Pursue a 65cent Milk Carton Theft by Teenager on Free Lunch

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The 8th Amendment of the U.S. constitution prohibits the government from imposing excessive bail, fines or cruel and unusual punishments to criminal defendants, but what protects citizens from being overly charged of a crime in the first place?

In some circles, ‘common sense’ prevails, but not in the case of Ryan Turk, a  14-year-old Virginia boy charged with stealing a 65-cent carton of milk from Graham Park Middle School cafeteria and hit with a petty larceny charge, no such common sense exist.  Instead it is more of the same tactics in school to prison pipeline. Ryan, who is now a high school freshman, was also charged with disorderly conduct when he refused to go to the principal’s office after the incident.

At the time, he was enrolled in the schools free lunch program.  He was suspended in this matter also, and said to have tussled with the security monitor who grabbed Turk from behind. Turk says he yanked away from the man, a natural reaction.

It’s alleged that Turk misappropriated a carton of milk worth 65cent which will depreciate in value to a soured down zero  if not consumed by the sell by date. Worthless. He did not steal an Iphone from the teachers’ desk, but a cartoon of milk.   While I am not justifying the alleged theft of a cartoon of milk or any kind, my mind travels to the countless instances were big banks, have misappropriated millions, yet never see the the inside of a courtroom period.  If you need a for instance, please look at the recent case of  Wells Fargo, CEO John Stump who thus far has eluded even an arrest, let alone an indictment or trial.

He then turned down an offer of nonjudicial punishment through a diversion program, opting to to go through a criminal trial instead in November, according to the Washington Post.  Ryan, who is now a high school freshman, was also charged with disorderly conduct when he refused to go to the principal’s office after the incident.

This kind of nonsense simply ‘makes me wanna holla’  The woes of blacks and their demise when facing the Amerikka judicial system is very palpable very real and systematically ill proportioned. Historically speaking, ‘the powers that be’ has a special predilection for overcharging blacks, no matter the age, is dizzying.

Yet, a Caucasian male can rape a woman behind a filthy dumpster and get probation but this baby (14) has to endure a full trial. multiple white kids receive plea deals or are deemed to have influenza and are ‘too delicately white’ to survive jail time.  Next, a ruling will come out claiming these white kids should not be charged at all due to their being ‘influenced’ by black kids.  Next, it will be deemed that white kids’ integration with black kids alone should merit theme a ‘pass’ in the minds of some.

The constituents in this area should be outraged that they are footing the bill for this malicious punishment.




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