No One Will Notice Julia Roberts as Harriet Tubman

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A Hollywood exec once again shows us why black people need a seat at the table. Why is he or she able to say this out loud, so assuredly? Easily, if he is thinking of they systemic white wash of the history books in classrooms throughout the U.S. Just recently, the Winston Salem North Carolina School Board in a 7-1 vote struck down a proposal to make African American history mandatory in its school system.  Instead, the district leaders favored what they have referred to as an “infusion” plan, which included the addition of multicultural course offerings for high schoolers. Wonderful, but due to the uniquely brutal American history, the atrocities against black people, coupled with the harsh remnants of slavery can hardly be a sidebar in conversations about culture.

In the past LIElywood has re- imagined our likeness by casting Sandra Dee played Lora in Imitation of Life, Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra, Victor Mature as Hannibal, Samson, & Crazy Horse, and Laurence Olivier played Othello.

This was illogical and absurd but, to a people who are accustomed to reinventing black heroes and heroines into lilly white characters, its the Hollyweird norm.

Even so, a good hearty boycott would be in order if any such nonsensical casting efforts rise to the mockery entertained here.



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