Eight Yr Old Is the Youngest Person Accepted To The University Of North Texas

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Jordin Phipps was surprised with a $10,000 scholarship and early admittance for her motivational video.

This eight year old exuded so much #BlackGirlMagic that the University of North Texas was inspired by her.

Jordin Phipps earned herself a spot at the University of North Texas with a $10,000 scholarship after she caught the attention of administrators with her motivational video.

According to ABC News, Jordin’s mother Nicole Smith, a University of North Texas alum, captured her on video reciting her class’ motivational phrase while dressed in the university’s t-shirt.

“I am smart; I am a leader. Failure is not an option for me,” proclaims Jordin in the video. “Success is only moments away… I have the attitude of a North Texas Eagle.”

The video was posted to the University of North Texas’ Facebook page. The university surprised the young student at her elementary school last Thursday to present her with the scholarship.



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