Christel Gibson, Who She? Hollywood Black Girl Magic Alert

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Out of nowhere, it seems,  TV writer, and director, Christel Gibson is out here in these streets making noise with the power of the pen.  The author of such titles as Ultimate Menage and Unconditional Menage written under the nom de plume, Crystal Michaels were top sellers on Amazon. Both titles are cerebral and steamy, offerings. This talented writer has the type of range that propels content creators ahead of others. So, it’s no quandary that Michaels has now taken her talents to the small screen with big screen projects on the horizon.

She wrote her very first screenplay, “A Trail of Tears” at the age of 20 which received offers from Warner Bros and Disney.

Ms. Gibson’s has worked with plenty of independent filmmakers and is no stranger to being on movie sets.  This might explain how she sat in the director’s chair the first time out and delivered a piece of filmography to rival veteran film and television directors.

Christel Gibson’s film, “Her Only Choice” airs again, Oct 24th, at 10:pm on BET after receiving high praise from viewers who were able to catch the BETHer premiere back on Oct 6, 2017.

For a newbie, her project drew the attention of well-known talent that quite frankly leveled up by the inclusion because she is gifted with an ability that can build or enhance acting careers.  It all starts with ‘a good script’, and compelling premise.  So, quite understandably, Ms. Gibson has accomplished what a lot of us wish more of our up and coming content creators do, and that is to bring subject matter to the masses that matter to people of color. Also, allow us to see our favorite actors and actresses in well-written films and television shows.

Often times these actors and actresses are moving around Hollywood signing on to projects that do not necessarily portray African Americans in the best light. We understand they need to work, and that is why I can say I appreciate this writer and what she used her platform for.  Not only did her pen prowess spotlight the serial killer, cancer, but she also invented jobs for cast and crew.  In addition, in doing so, this film illuminated the acting abilities of some that I had no idea could devour a role and transform into it so seamlessly, all the while extracting a plethora of emotions out of audiences.

We most certainly want to see more riveting work from Christal Gibson.

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